We’re gangsta

as far as my family goes, i think they’re pretty brilliant. hanging out with them is the highlight of my days. especially when they agree to do crazy things like this.

the relatives came over & we had an afternoon filled with chatting, card games, friendly arguments & magazine reading.

we had some gazpacho with dinner rolls in the middle of the afternoon. the cold soup was so refreshing & i ate five rolls. heck, what can i say? isn’t it still christmas?

we all got together & posed for yet another family picture, just because i’m bossy & like everything in photographic form to allow my addiction to continue.

all the ladies now.

i had dinner alone because the other’s wanted chicken & leek vol au vents & i’m a hater of all things leek.

i had some turkey with pumpkin cous cous, glass noodle plus vegetable salad & seaweed salad.
all mixed together & served with a bottle of pellegrino.

Fruit porn with gingerbread ended my night. (tomorrow, you’ll see us destroy the gingerbread house).

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