A Dinner with Hayles

Dinner with Hayles

hello hello!!! – how about this weather in sydney?

it’s been very humid, windy, awkward and yet i love it… i’m a sucker for the warmer weather, i absolutely adore it. // how was your weekend? i actually spent my weekend study and suffering through a really really sore back. on saturday, i woke up feeling really tight and as the day went on my back decided to spasm frequently and subsequently lock up… such pain!! it’s getting better and this morning it seems to have improved.

a few weeks ago the ever lovely hayles and i had dinner at kura, followed by ice cream at messina. i ordered the exact same dishes that i always order because i’m predictable like that and i know what i like. my dishes are teriyaki salmon, and the grilled eel with crab, avocado and cucumber, and my ice cream of choice is choc mint. i’ve loved choc mint ever since my childhood and i can’t resist it’s charm.

miss hayles is leaving for perth on november 5 and i’m very much going to miss seeing her as we have such a blast when we chill out. i always feel very comfortable around hayles and i can totally be myself with her. // we’ll be catching up again before she leaves and i’m going to miss her when she is gone. thankfully we are both textaholics.

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Ice Cream and Minor Hibernation

Trovatino Cafe, Wareemba, Abbotsford, Sydney, Australia

hey hey it’s thursday… i’m so excited to see sunshine.

it’s been a windy, rainy and downright awful week in relation to weather here in sydney and i would love spring to return so that we can enjoy some sunshine. // admittedly, this type of weather has been great for quiz studying as it keeps me indoors and allows me to feel accomplished. // i have a quiz both today and tomorrow so i’ve been hibernating all day in preparation for those… it’s been a haze of studying, eating and sleeping this week – such a big one!

p.s this photo was taken at trovatino’s in abbotsford where we indulged in icecream and coffee.

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Calm before the storm

The University of Sydney, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia

hello there, happy happy monday – i’m a bad blogger, a very bad blogger and if i’m going to be totally honest with you… it is only going to get worse before it gets better.

it’s that time in the semester (again) where i focus solely on my degree and buckle down for a month long ride of exam hibernation to smash my subjects out the park. // i’m doing three subjects this semester and yet i have four exams. one of my science subjects has a theory of prac exam and a final exam… i’m starting to become of those students who lives, eats, sleeps and breathes nothing but my studies until i finish exams. // i spent all of saturday at soulfest which acted as my last “hurrah” until the end of november.

i don’t know what i’ll be sharing on the blog, i just know that i’ll be around and about, dropping in as minor procrastination tool to prevent myself from going insane. // i can promise that you’ll be seeing a lot more sunset photographs because they have the wonderful ability to make me smile.

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Mum’s B’day BBQ

Mum's Birthday BBQ

hey-howdy-hello… how are you going today?
i’m absolutely splendid as i had a such delightful weekend which involved more social time than studying which was divine. i’m making sure i cherish my last weekend or two of freedom before my complete exam hibernation begins.

on october 6 my lovely mother celebrated her annual birthday… as per usual, we celebrated with more than one occasion because that is how we party in our family. one of our celebrations took place on october 11, we decided to have a bbq at mjs place in chiswick with a group of our friends to celebrate my wonderful mother – the weather was glorious. // we spent the day with maria&fabio&sharlise, milo&ali, mj, sandra, arjibear and elli. we dined on a lovely spread of bbq items and finger food.

after the bbq, i got my tenth tattoo which i absolutely adore.

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Spring on Campus

On Campus - The University of Sydney, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia

heyyyyyy – it’s friday. how is it friday already?

i’ve had a week of studying, eating, caffeine, sleeping and nothing else. last week we had a break from lectures, tuts and pracs but i didn’t take a “break” because science is hard and revision is far more effective for exams than lazing by the beach… #studious // this week classes sent me back into a hectic schedule and i don’t even know how it’s over, it feels like friday magically appeared.

daylight savings has changed the dynamic on campus and i’m loving it even more because spring has such a wonderful way of making everyone happier. i adore leaving the library at 7pm and catching the last of the sunset on my drive home – it’s absolutely glorious.

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Street Festival, Marrickville

Young Henrys Small World, Street Festival (Sept 20, 2014)

several weeks ago i went to marrickville for the young henrys small world, street festival with my friends elli and renee. the festival featured local bands and food from cornersmith, bloodwood, portenos and mary’s. it begun at 12 and we arrived shortly after 2:45pm, upon arrival, we hit up the bar to trial their gin and tonic served with ruby grapefruit and boy was it glorious.

one thing you may not know about me is that i have a soft spot for gin. // i must admit that don’t drink very often but if i do – it’s gin i will be drinking. i remember discovering gin when i was a teenager and not enjoying it, but as i have matured, i have moved from jägerbombs to raspberry vodkas to gin&tonics… and i couldn’t be happier.

the festival was a messy night with a few too many drinks but all around, i had a blast with my friends (new and old), food and good music. i expect that my summer is going to be full of festivals.. once my exams are over in november.

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Virtual Coffee Date

The Sunset

one of my favourite features of spring is the sunsets and the promise of summer being just around the corner. i feel truly blessed to enjoy such wonderful sunsets at the end of my university days…

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that it’s the motherships birthday on monday and we’re going to the boathouse in glebe because we wholeheartedly adore it there and can’t think of a more perfect location to celebrate a birthday. it’s become a tradition to celebrate our birthdays with the boathouse team and we love how exceptionally special they make us feel on the day.

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that i’m so blissfully happy about the fact that daylight savings will begin again on sunday – the clocks will go forward one hour. i absolutely adore the longer days and warmer nights… i’m soooo very happy about the clock change, daylight savings time is my favourite.

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that this week has been a crazy one. it’s currently the mid-semester break, and i decided to take advantage of a quite campus to revise and cement the general concepts from my subjects into my brain. it’s been an intense week and while i really enjoyed the fact that i didn’t have lectures, i’m utterly exhausted and can’t wait to relax on saturday.

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that i’m seven weeks into my aligners (on my 3rd set) and i haven’t had any issues with them. they sit relatively comfortable on my teeth and at times cause pressure on my teeth. overall, i’m really happy with how my teeth are progressing and can’t wait to see the end result.

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Let’s be Social

Brunch at Social Brew Cafe, Pyrmont, Sydney, AustraliaBrunch at Social Brew Cafe, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

hello hello. this past weekend flew by for me, it’s all a big blur. i can’t believe it’s october in a few days… it’s also a struggle to comprehend that it’s nearly the end of september, how are we nine months into the year – how!?!??!!

a few weeks ago i had brunch with arjibear, elli and renee at social brew in pyrmont. we were graced with the most beautiful weather and decided to bask in the sunshine while enjoying laughter, stories and delicious food… i ordered the exact same breakfast as last time because i’m annoyingly predictable like that… it was soo nice to see the girls as a stress relief from my hectic university schedule and i’m lucky to have friends who adore brunch as much as i do.

my favourite dish is their grilled flatbread with smoked salmon, avocado, a poached egg and rocket with extra lemon on the side // (i removed the buttermilk dressing and order the zataar on the side). // this is such a clean and healthy brunch that goes perfectly with their allpress coffee.

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Pig and Pastry, Petersham

Pig and Pastry, Petersham, Sydney, Australia

hey!!! – happy sunday. how are you going?
several weeks ago i met my friend eli, her friend laura, and laura’s son lee for brunch at pig and pastry which is overlooking petersham park… we enjoyed a healthy and hearty lunch – i enjoyed their house cured salmon with avocado salsa, crispy polenta & orange dressing and a piccolo latte. // i really enjoyed this cafe, and i’m dying to go back to try their breakfast menu because i saw corn fritters (oooh, and their pancakes were featured in this article).

i’ve selfishly spent the last two days wallowing – i have a cold that is very slowly going away and i’m tired, sooooooo tired.. my cold has been showing me just how annoying it is when your voice disappears at random. // i’ve watched a bucketload of random television in the last 48 hours and i’m overwhelmed by allllll the shows which are hard to avoid. // i went to the dentist yesterday and found out the my wisdom teeth have all come through without a glitch and that my invisalign is progressing smoothly… i’m 6 weeks into my program and i’ll be onto my 3rd set tomorrow.

i’m getting busier and busier with university as i get closer to my exams so i’m recouping this weekend because it’s going to be a crazy two months… with exams in november, my time will essentially no longer be my own, i foresee many week nights and weekends at the library in my future – luckily i adore what i’m studying or i would go crazy.

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Girls night with Hayles

Kura, Pyrmont, Sydney, AustraliaKura, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

the ever delightful hayles and i caught up over sushi and ice cream a few weeks ago – it was glorious… we started our night early with an abundance of japanese at kura in pyrmont where we eat sashimi, edamame, teriyaki salmon and sushi rolls. i will always love a night out with japanese food involved because i am consistently happier when i eat it. // after our sushi feast we headed to gelato messina for the standard “i’ll try all the specials but i’ll mostly likely leave with choc mint, just because… choc mint”.

i always enjoy my hangouts with hayles because the conversation flows nicely and we have so many things in common that we can be chatting for hours and hours without stopping. i actually really sad because hayles is headed to perth in november and i’ll not have her around for a year… luckily we have iphones to keep in contact. gosh i love technology.

Gelato Messina, The Star, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

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After Dark Sessions: Vol #2

hey there – happy tuesday. how are you? how was your weekend & your monday?

mine was a blast, i had a sleepover with my friend arjibear on friday, went to a festival in marrickville on saturday (post coming), and i spent sunday in the library studying like a #nerd. // i made sure that i took full advantage of the sunshine during the weekend because i knew that i would be missing out on most of it during the week.

sadly, i’m very near that point in the semester where if i tell you i can’t get coffee or lunch with you, it’s not because i don’t want to. it’s because i’m studying, revising and learning right for my upcoming exam period right now – please don’t take it personally.

My blog friends Chobani - A Q&A post.

my lovely blog friends over at chobani recently offered me the opportunity to have a wonderful q&a with their resident dietician, emily. i’m thrilled to share a few of the questions and answers relating to general weight loss.
*full disclosure: this version of #AfterDarkSessions is sponsored by chobani. in a few weeks, i will have Vol #3 of #AfterDarkSessions which covers university related q&a’s with chobani’s resident dietician for students like myself.*

#1: what’s a common nutrition myth that you can dispel?
dairy foods don’t make you fat. – it’s common for younger generations to believe that dairy foods make you fat when in fact; they contain vital nutrients needed to stay healthy. research shows eating 3-4 daily serves of dairy, which could include milk, yogurt or cheese can actually help accelerate weight loss, if included as part of a healthy diet.

#2: how should someone handle having a sweet tooth?
a sweet treat from time to time is nothing to get worked up about – the key is to indulge occasionally. during the day, if you’re feeling hungry for a sweet, reach for a piece of fruit, a handful of nuts or a tub of yogurt instead. choose from one of the 15 chobani greek yogurt fruit on the bottom flavour pots for a healthy daytime snack that’s thick and creamy.

#3: what does ‘healthy eating’ mean for you?  
to me, healthy eating is eating a wide variety of foods that provide nourishment, but also enjoyment. it shouldn’t be about restriction and deprivation.

 #4: what’s the number one mistake most people make when trying to lose weight?
this may come as a surprise, but the biggest mistake is not eating enough! the key to healthy weight loss is eating the right foods, in portion controlled amounts – not starving yourself. preventing yourself from eating only results in a binge eating session, which will lead to putting on weight.

#5: What 5 foods should everybody have in the fridge/pantry?
1. greek yogurt:
greek yogurt is versatile and healthy. it can be eaten straight out of the tub or used as a healthy substitute in cooking.
2. eggs:
eggs can be prepared quickly for a healthy snack at any time of day. they can be poached, scrambled, boiled or even made into an omelette to satisfy your hunger.
3. tinned tomatoes:
tinned tomatoes can be used as a base in many different quick and healthy dishes. after a long day, you can whip up a quick, tasty pasta sauce or soup. trust me, you can never have too many cans of tomatoes in the cupboard!
4. avocado:
this aussie favourite is packed full of healthy fats. plus, nothing beats avo on wholemeal toast for healthy comfort food.
5. cheese:
a slice of cheese makes for a satisfying snack whether on it’s own or as a sandwich stuffer, and a sprinkle can take that leafy salad to the next level.

My blog friends Chobani - A Q&A post.

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West Juliette, Marrickville

West Juliette, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

heyhihello. how are you? – i’m excellent. i cannot believe it’s thursday already, where did this week go and how is it nearly friday?

i’ve been under the weather this week with a cough and runny nose, i’m slightly worried that my sickness will move down into my lungs because i’ve been quite congested… i’m crossing my fingers hoping that it shall clear before that happens. // it’s been another crazy week of uni again and i have a quiz today which i’m feeling really confident about… i was working through examples last night and i smashed those, i’m as ready as i’ll ever be. // after my quiz, i’ll be in the lab all afternoon (1-5pm) working on the migration of DNA which should be fun. such a busy thursday.

last weekend i decided to head to west juliette with my friend elli and the delightful bevvy. // i’ve been dying to go here since they opened and i’m so glad i made the trip because i throughly enjoyed my brunch of soft scrambled eggs with cured salmon, sorrel, yogurt, fennel on toast with extra’s: avocado and halloumi.

i left with a itty bitty carrot cake, a flourless orange cake, their infamous pink salt chocolate chip cookie and a piccolo because i was craving sweets and i couldn’t resist - andandand just to clarity, no i didn’t eat three cakes by myself, i shared them with my friend and mum. – i wanted to order multiple items on the menu and i am dying to go back for more because i truly loved my dish and want to try all.the.things.

West Juliette, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

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