It’s the Final Countdown (Year #2)

Uni Daze, The University of Sydney, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia

this week is THE week – THE EPIC exam week i’ve been studying for…

i’ve actually already sat for one of my exams (on friday – not bad, not bad) and have my last few this week. the happiest part is that by friday (28 november) afternoon, i’ll be done for the semester. // i love and adore studying but something about this semester has been awkwardly annoying and made the semester appear strenuous????! – i can’t quite seem to put my finger on what was wonky but it was wonky. // alas, i best be off and i’ll see you on the flip side (next week)… and i have a few foodie related posts that i’ve had in my drafts that i’m thrilled to write about and share with you.

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The end of semester is near

An afternoon on campus at The University of Sydney, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia

yes, another university related blogpost – i know, they are getting boring and i don’t even want to be on campus anymore… i’ve had enough of reading, revising and compartmentalising information for later use (i.e my exams). i’m counting down the days (8 days) until i can sleep, then watch television. // i’ve been on campus everyday for months and i’m so excited by the prospect of being soooooo close to the end of the semester… it has been a long one, a great one, but overall, a long one.

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My Campus Daze

Moni and I, at The University of Sydney, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia

hey there, how are you? it’s the weekend!!

i’m back on campus today – oh campus days. i have been on campus so often that i couldn’t tell you the last time i wasn’t on campus… i’m not even kidding, and yet, i wish i was. // this semester is dragging on and on and on for me and truth be told, i’m getting closer to the end of the year but it doesn’t really feel like it. i’m hitting the point in my days where i’m exhausted all.the.time and i want to be done. i can’t wait to be done for the year.

it’s been a long eight months and i’m exceptionally lucky to have friends (like the delightful moni and various others) on campus to enhance my days and help me get through the tougher times. my friends make the long hours feel less torturous!!

i’ll be free on friday the 28th and that’s when i’ll truly be at my happiest… exam season is such a time consuming and exhausting period. i am counting down the days until freedom. // i hope you’ll be patient with me as i’ll be popping in with posts like this because they are all i can muster at the moment – it’s all study, study, study and complain about having to study around these parts.

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UniDaze: StuVac Edition

Uni Daze, The University of Sydney, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia

heyey! – happy monday. it’s hard to believe that another weekend has come to an end and we are once again, starting a new week. oh my gosh… what a week i had last week. // it was stuvac a.k.a student vacation and i may have lost my sanity at 8pm last night (yes, sunday) while studying with moni. we both left the library in giggles because we had studied one subject for 5 hours straight.

i’m in a unidaze which means my laptop and i have become one, we’re attached – it’s becoming very serious. our relationship involves a love/hate arrangement with each other… luckily, it is lovely.

i’m in a unidaze which means i have been living in the library and i have yet to adjusted to the air-conditioning, i was born to live outdoors so i’m slightly struggling. my eyes have also had issues with leaving the library, i’m blinded every single time and it drives me & my eyes bonkers hence the eyewear. #firstworldproblems

i’m in a unidaze which means if you contact me, i’m most likely to not reply unless you are asking me something related to my exams… for that i’m truly sorry but i’ll get back to my quick paced replying once i’m freeeee (in 18 days).

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Well Naturally…

Well Naturally and Study

hello munchkins, how are you? 
recently, i’ve started calling people munchkin when communicating in text form and i cannot seem to stop. i haven’t been able to decide whether or not i even like doing it yet but the response from my friends has been varied so i’m left undecided. #dilemma.

now i’m going to move on and once again sound like a broken record… i’m in this exam prep bubble and it’s such a time consuming time where my brain is set to study mode and i don’t seem to be able to have many other thoughts. i’m lacking in conversation as i literally do nothing but study, eat, drink and sleep. the month of november has been and will continue to be a big giant blur of a month for me and every university student in australia.

yes, i’m already counting down the days until freedom – 22 days, 22, 22, 22…!!!

to help me get through the days i’ve been indulging in my good old friend carbohydrates in the form of bread and pasta, oh and sushi. to keep myself going throughout the day, i have been snacking on well naturally dark chocolate (and milk chocolate)… as well as drinking caffeine. // this chocolate tastes so indulgent yet it doesn’t have all the naughty bits that hurt your waistline… they’ve left out the undesirable ingredients, so i can enjoy more of the good stuff because unhealthy treats are so yesterday. this product helps me achieve my wellness goals – the delicious way!

go ahead, treat yourself better with a snack that actually tastes great. // their dark chocolate range includes: rich dark, mint crisp and acai… their milk chocolate range includes: creamy milk and fruit & nut.

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Mmmmmessina giggles

Gelato Messina, The Star, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

it’s the weekend again… i can’t believe how quickly the weeks are passing us by – oh and happy november. // i’m literally leading the most boring life at the moment, each day has been a repeat of the last, with the only variety coming from whether i eat salad or a toasted sandwich for dinner. // we finished the semester yesterday and it’s all systems go for the exam season. i have quite a spread with my exams this semester and i’ll be free by the end of november.

my friend pops and i had a much needed catch up last weekend, it’s been such a long time since we were able to simply chill out together. // we chilled at mine and caught up on the happenings then had japanese and ended our night with messina. it was great to have a nice night with a splendid friend.

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A Dinner with Hayles

Dinner with Hayles

hello hello!!! – how about this weather in sydney?

it’s been very humid, windy, awkward and yet i love it… i’m a sucker for the warmer weather, i absolutely adore it. // how was your weekend? i actually spent my weekend study and suffering through a really really sore back. on saturday, i woke up feeling really tight and as the day went on my back decided to spasm frequently and subsequently lock up… such pain!! it’s getting better and this morning it seems to have improved.

a few weeks ago the ever lovely hayles and i had dinner at kura, followed by ice cream at messina. i ordered the exact same dishes that i always order because i’m predictable like that and i know what i like. my dishes are teriyaki salmon, and the grilled eel with crab, avocado and cucumber, and my ice cream of choice is choc mint. i’ve loved choc mint ever since my childhood and i can’t resist it’s charm.

miss hayles is leaving for perth on november 5 and i’m very much going to miss seeing her as we have such a blast when we chill out. i always feel very comfortable around hayles and i can totally be myself with her. // we’ll be catching up again before she leaves and i’m going to miss her when she is gone. thankfully we are both textaholics.

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Ice Cream and Minor Hibernation

Trovatino Cafe, Wareemba, Abbotsford, Sydney, Australia

hey hey it’s thursday… i’m so excited to see sunshine.

it’s been a windy, rainy and downright awful week in relation to weather here in sydney and i would love spring to return so that we can enjoy some sunshine. // admittedly, this type of weather has been great for quiz studying as it keeps me indoors and allows me to feel accomplished. // i have a quiz both today and tomorrow so i’ve been hibernating all day in preparation for those… it’s been a haze of studying, eating and sleeping this week – such a big one!

p.s this photo was taken at trovatino’s in abbotsford where we indulged in icecream and coffee.

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Calm before the storm

The University of Sydney, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia

hello there, happy happy monday – i’m a bad blogger, a very bad blogger and if i’m going to be totally honest with you… it is only going to get worse before it gets better.

it’s that time in the semester (again) where i focus solely on my degree and buckle down for a month long ride of exam hibernation to smash my subjects out the park. // i’m doing three subjects this semester and yet i have four exams. one of my science subjects has a theory of prac exam and a final exam… i’m starting to become of those students who lives, eats, sleeps and breathes nothing but my studies until i finish exams. // i spent all of saturday at soulfest which acted as my last “hurrah” until the end of november.

i don’t know what i’ll be sharing on the blog, i just know that i’ll be around and about, dropping in as minor procrastination tool to prevent myself from going insane. // i can promise that you’ll be seeing a lot more sunset photographs because they have the wonderful ability to make me smile.

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Mum’s B’day BBQ

Mum's Birthday BBQ

hey-howdy-hello… how are you going today?
i’m absolutely splendid as i had a such delightful weekend which involved more social time than studying which was divine. i’m making sure i cherish my last weekend or two of freedom before my complete exam hibernation begins.

on october 6 my lovely mother celebrated her annual birthday… as per usual, we celebrated with more than one occasion because that is how we party in our family. one of our celebrations took place on october 11, we decided to have a bbq at mjs place in chiswick with a group of our friends to celebrate my wonderful mother – the weather was glorious. // we spent the day with maria&fabio&sharlise, milo&ali, mj, sandra, arjibear and elli. we dined on a lovely spread of bbq items and finger food.

after the bbq, i got my tenth tattoo which i absolutely adore.

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Spring on Campus

On Campus - The University of Sydney, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia

heyyyyyy – it’s friday. how is it friday already?

i’ve had a week of studying, eating, caffeine, sleeping and nothing else. last week we had a break from lectures, tuts and pracs but i didn’t take a “break” because science is hard and revision is far more effective for exams than lazing by the beach… #studious // this week classes sent me back into a hectic schedule and i don’t even know how it’s over, it feels like friday magically appeared.

daylight savings has changed the dynamic on campus and i’m loving it even more because spring has such a wonderful way of making everyone happier. i adore leaving the library at 7pm and catching the last of the sunset on my drive home – it’s absolutely glorious.

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Street Festival, Marrickville

Young Henrys Small World, Street Festival (Sept 20, 2014)

several weeks ago i went to marrickville for the young henrys small world, street festival with my friends elli and renee. the festival featured local bands and food from cornersmith, bloodwood, portenos and mary’s. it begun at 12 and we arrived shortly after 2:45pm, upon arrival, we hit up the bar to trial their gin and tonic served with ruby grapefruit and boy was it glorious.

one thing you may not know about me is that i have a soft spot for gin. // i must admit that don’t drink very often but if i do – it’s gin i will be drinking. i remember discovering gin when i was a teenager and not enjoying it, but as i have matured, i have moved from jägerbombs to raspberry vodkas to gin&tonics… and i couldn’t be happier.

the festival was a messy night with a few too many drinks but all around, i had a blast with my friends (new and old), food and good music. i expect that my summer is going to be full of festivals.. once my exams are over in november.

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