A ‘Drop-In’

Winter Stroll

aaaahhhhh, i’m busy – so hectic. all i can say is #science degree is time consuming … i’m not even joking. this past week i’ve been on campus most evenings past 6pm, and i’m tired (oh so tired)… add not sleeping well, living off caffeine and carbohydrates – it’s been a weird one, a tad wonky. totally unhealthy week in terms of my body but i’ve made sure i am not lacking in nutrients because i cannot afford to get sick this year.

i’m still in a state of shock regarding the fact that we are five weeks into the semester at uni and i cannot believe how much work it feels like i’ve completed in the short period of time. // #ENDuniRant.

best be off – i’m leaving you with a pretty picture of the river that’s close to my apartment. i’ve spent many a moments by this river, it always has the ability to calm me… i’m thinking calming thoughts to get me through this week.

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My Apatment: A Minor Update

My Home

hello and happy tuesday…
after living in sydney for 4+ years, i’m so thrilled and excited to say that i love walking into my apartment every afternoon after a long day at university or generally after being away.

i’ve had mixed emotions about my apartment throughout the years and i’m beyond excited to share with you that i love where i live – i couldn’t be happier with how my apartment has come together over the years. i am constantly filling my home with flowers, fresh herbs and colourful trinkets that we’ve been given or have found on our travels… i simply having an array of bright colors to contrast the stark white colour palette that i chose and adore because i understand how versatile white can be in a home environment.

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Churros… with Hayles

Churros w/ Hayles at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmonht, Sydney, Australia

hey… happy sunday!! – i’ve decided that i adore writing a post on sunday morning, alas it has begin.

the adorable hayley and i caught up for brunch a few weeks ago, we decided to dine at the sun soaked cafe morso on this particular sunday morning… after we had our respective meals for brunch – we made the smart decision to devour the “churros with chili chocolate” that cafe morso were offering as their dessert special for the day. // i always enjoy my friendship time with hayles, such wonderful chats and general happiness – heart you girl.

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Sunshine and Snacks

Sunshine and Snacks from Bar Zini, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

wed.nes.day… hump day – hello and welcome!

super quick one today as i have a bunch of life happening that’s consuming a majority of my time and i dropping in “oh so quickly” this morning. // university has amped up something fierce and i’m keeping afloat by knuckling down, staying ahead and sacrificing my moments of freedom (for a short while). // i haven’t been able to fall asleep easily over the last few months and it’s annoying me – mind you, once i’m out you couldn’t wake me if you tried. i am going to bed with my ipad to #nerditup and continue reading my textbooks which i’m very sure hasn’t helped me. // must run as i am back-to-back today, with a break for lunch with two uni friends squeezed in there – for sanity reasons!!

ohhhh – wait… these photos represent how i’m currently feeling… silly, smiley and sleepy. the coffee and muffin are from bar zini in pyrmont… thanks for the lid happiness tim, you always know how to brighten my mornings.

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Brunch at Cafe Morso, Pyrmont

Brunch at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

alright, yes, i will admit it… i am (once again) obsessed with cafe morso… i have been going through a binge fest over the past few months with morso and i have to say – love it. // all the staff are so incredibly friendly and the food is always on point.

i ordered their salmon tartlets, dill, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, asparagus with extra lemon and absolutely loved it, each element of this dish is perfect. especially the salmon and poached egg, the two mix together to allow for a wonderful mouth experience. // my friend ordered their sautéed wild mushrooms, truffled scrambled eggs, grilled sonoma bread. // we shared their pan fried haloumi, lemon, rocket – just because, haloumi.

on this particular day, the sun was shining and we took a stroll around piers 19-21 jones bay wharf to enjoy the weather. i will always find the time to enjoy the sunshine because you never know how long it will last, especially considering how the weather in winter is always sooooo unpredictable.

Brunch at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney, AustraliaBrunch at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

Cafe Morso on Urbanspoon

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Virtual Coffee Date

Bar Zini, Pyrmont, Sydney, AustraliaBar Zini, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

heyyyy! – happy monday. how are you, and how was your weekend?

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that i had a slightly average weekend… i decided to sleep in quite late both days and strangely, i’m still tired this morning. // my main conclusion would be that the weather has me feeling blue and i’m pretty sure i’m fighting off an illness… i’m in a weird awkward mood after this weekend.

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that i spent most of the weekend in my pjs, except for when i went for a late brunch and juice in rozelle… i listened to 80′s music on spotify and i blasted ‘it’s raining men’ so many times that i have lost count… // winter has both pro’s and con’s – for example i love my jumper collection, the heater and warm bowls of soup, but i really don’t enjoy the rain, the wind or the inconvenience of constantly feeling cold.

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that i’ve been eating soooo much healthier and i feel as though my body is running more smoothly. i always feel lighter when i’m eating better and i’m 110% excited to continue eating healthier… i’d love to share some of my latest meals, if only i wasn’t throwing them into the bowl in a disordered fashion.

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that i am in a love/hate relationship with university at the moment… i’m four weeks into the semester, i’m loving the learning and also not loving it as certain elements of learning are wonderful but it takes up sooooo.much.of.my.time. i feel as though i’m suffocating at times, then moments later i’m feeling such joy because i’ve understood something i never previously knew… see – love/hate.

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A Weekend Getaway

My Weekend Getaway to Bowral with Mum

when i was invited to celebrate gina and seth’s wedding, i made the decision to make a getaway out of the weekend… having not been away since december, coincidently for another wedding, i couldn’t resist staying in berrima for the entire weekend. // having never been to the southern highlands, i had no idea what to expect and boy, isn’t it beautiful…?

as we (mum&i) begun our drive i started to realize that the further away from sydney we drove, the colder it became and i was questioning whether i could survive the weekend with temperatures close to zero. // luckily, i learnt that with wonderful fireplaces and central heating – i can survive. funnily enough, i spent several hours on both saturday and sunday by the fireplace sitting on the patio basking in the sunshine.

where i stayed:
gibraltar hotel was where i choose to relax for the weekend, specifically friday and saturday night, and sunday afternoon. // the lovely gina recommended this hotel and i cannot express just how wonderful this hotel was. not only is the location great, the staff were BEYOND incredible… so caring, so helpful, generous, wonderful.

the hotel offers full hot breakfast within their accommodation packages and i always adore when i am able to choose my breakfast also known as having tiny bits of everything to start the day… morning #1 i went a tad overboard indulging in a two course breakfast with breakfast and pastries to follow. // morning #2 i kept things simpler going with only one plate.

My Weekend Getaway to Bowral with MumMy Weekend Getaway to Bowral with Mum

where i ate:

  • harvey’s: food. wine. music was where we had dinner the first night we arrived. my meal is shown above in the middle (we were table #55) and i ate their omemade potato gnocchi with roast pumpkin / semi dried tomato / rocket / sage / feta with a side of their beer battered chips. — for dessert, i had their vanilla bean risotto with poached rhubarb / dark chocolate and hazelnut ice cream.
  • berkelouw book barn was where the wedding was held. the food we enjoyed was created by bendooley that the bride and groom choose, and the wedding guests throughly savoured canapés, entrées and dinner, and there was also a dessert bar which was bendooley’s idea.
  • the gumnut patisserie was where we stopped off on our drive home for several naughty treats to enjoy during the trip home. we were drawn to their lemon meringue eclair, almond brioche and … the dome, oh, gosh i have no idea what the flavours were but it was incredibly decadent and wonderful.

i had such an amazingly relaxing weekend away before i started the second semester at university… with the added bonus of the mothership and i having the opportunity to enjoy such an extraordinary location where we could bond and chill for a few days. // oh and i met ray martin while sitting by the fireplace on sunday afternoon – we had the most fascinating conversation about his newest book and my academic achievements (past, present and future)… was unexpected and soooo lovely!!!

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Gina & Seth’s Wedding, Southern Highlands

Gina and Seth's Winter Wedding, Berrima, NSW, Australia

my beautiful friends gina and seth were married last weekend (2.8.14).

their wedding was remarkably elegant – the entire afternoon was incredibly beautiful and fabulous… i was absolutely thrilled to be invited to join them in celebrating their outstanding love on this special day at the bendooley estate in berrima with their reception held at the berkelouw book barn. // the attention to detail for this wedding was absolutely phenomenal and the entire day was magnificent.

Gina and Seth's Winter Wedding, Berrima, NSW, Australia

their puppy cake was a replica of their dog lotti and was created by rebecca lau.

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Family time: Happiness

Family Session in Darling Harbour, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

how was your weekend? – mine was great. i celebrated a friends birthday on saturday night and caught up with another on sunday… i took it easy with the studying this weekend because i have been trying to keep on top of all my course material during the week and was successful which allows for a little ease over the weekend. fingers crossed i can stay ahead this semester, it’s looking good so far.

let’s talk family. // i absolutely love and adore my family… we are slightly dysfunctional and strange. we bicker, laugh and support each other – it’s an awkwardly beautiful dynamic and i couldn’t ask for a better family. // each and every one of us brings a different experience and life lesson to the table and we thrive because of it. // we spent an afternoon down at darling harbour with sunshine.

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The Copper Mill, Alexandria

The Copper Mill, Alexandria, Sydney, Australia

aaaahhh, today i had three lectures and my first 4 hour lab for the semester … and i’m sooo physically exhausted. i’m craving sleep so badly right now and yet, i’ll plough through and sleep in a few hours. // getting back into the swing of semester has been an adjustment this week – i’ve had “all the things” this week and i’m most definitely feelin’ it.

last week, i spent the afternoon with the always wonderful bevvy and we decided to have a coffee plus late lunch at the copper mill which is conveniently located right near her home… i ordered one of their sandwiches: roasted cauliflower, eggplant pickle, feta and butter lettuce. this sandwich was tasty, crunchy and i ate it within minutes, i especially loved the eggplant pickle because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good pickle…?

The Copper Mill on Urbanspoon

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Family Brunch at Cafe Morso

Brunch at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

howdy, happy wednesday!!!
i’m totally exhausted and i don’t exactly know why. i slept quite well while i was away despite waking up with a sore back that is aching from the mattress. i’ve been trying to close my eyes earlier and last night was a success so hopefully i’ll start feeling less tired soon.

you may have noticed that i’m behind on my postings, and hence i’ve been blogging daily to get the older posts into the world… seeing as i’m rarely eating out these days, it won’t take long to get back on top of my draft list and i’ll start posting recipes again because i really miss creating in the kitchen.

a few weeks ago during my uni holidays the mothership, bevvy and i had lunch down at cafe morso in the sunshine… to eat i decided upon their salmon tartlets; dill, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, asparagus with extra lemon. // the mothership chose their fresh fish and chips; seaweed battered, green apple, coriander, red onion salad. // bevvy was drawn to their lunch special of a chicken, leek and pumpkin pie with puff pastry. // the mothership felt like a virgin bloody mary and ordered one to have with her lunch..

Brunch at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

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Social Brew Cafe, Pyrmont

Brunch at Social Brew Cafe, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

ooooh hello… tuesday, we meet again!!
my monday went sooo quickly, i was waking up and the next thing i knew i was flopping into bed and was fast asleep. weirdly enough, i’m exhausted from the weekend… as it turns out, weekend getaways are wonderful yet tiring. // i’m slightly sore from the soft hotel mattress, i think i’m in the very very tiny minority of people who don’t like hotel beds… they cause my back such havoc.

a few weeks ago, i made my way to social brew for brunch with a friend of mine and had a delicious breakfast… i ordered smoked salmon, avocado, rocket, zataar and a poached egg on sourdough toast – enjoyed while reading a trashy magazine and discussing our ideal location for sunshine during the long weekend of our sydney winter (we’re thinking hamilton island, any thoughts/suggestions?!)

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