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Sydney University Campus "Love" Post

something is up… something that i cannot quite put my finger on. i’ve been feeling slightly “off” for the past few weeks and i can’t figure out what it is. i’m not overly concerned but i am conscious of it. i am lacking both drive and motivation – they haven’t completely gone, they have simply decreased and i don’t particularly like it. i started to notice my mood had changed when others started noticing it, and that’s when i figured i should think more consciously about it… i haven’t made any progress on my mood but i’m trying.

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Sydney University Campus "Love" Post

hello there – happy monday (evening)!
how was your weekend, and what did you get up too?
i spent the weekend mostly indoors, drinking hot water in my jumper writing an essay and trying to finish my assignment … #nerd. i actually love being inside when the rain is pouring heavily because i find it oddly comforting.
during the week, i’ve been spending a huge amount of time on campus and leaving when the sun has been setting – it’s just such a beautiful time to be on campus.

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Chillin’ with the girls

Chilling with A&H

three girls… sushi, ice-cream, cocktails then bubble tea – as you do!
a few weeks ago i went out with arjibear and hayles for dinner. the night turned into dinner, with ice-cream, cocktails then bubble tea and it was absolutely perfect. i always love seeing these two because we get to spend the entire night talking about boys, science and our shared love for healthy and tasty food… oh and i have to mentioned the fact that i was sound asleep by 11:30pm on a saturday night, like a #nerd.

Chilling with A&H

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Pizza with M&F

Pizza with "The Italian's' at Rosso Pomodoro

maria and fabbio are my italian’s… and they are excitedly expecting their first child in june.

having dinner with these two is lovely and i cherish the moments we spend together. they are such a delightful couple and i cannot wait until their little bundle of happiness joins our dinners. it’s lovely to be around these two when i hear them speaking italian amongst other italians in a bustling italian restaurant, in this particular case, rosso pomodoro.

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Tijana’s B’day

Tijana's B'day

when we learnt that tijana was celebrating her birthday, we decided to spoil her with flowers and lunch.
tijana ordered bruschetta, and we then shared a brownie afterwards. this girl always brings a smile to my face and it’s just soooo comfortable to be around tijana. i love the spirit of this girl and her love for all things #nerd…
i’m beyond sad to be saying goodbye to tijana for 3 weeks while she visits family in london.

Tijana's B'day

the extra bits
- the lunch seen above was from taste baguette at uni.
- the flowers seen above were purchased at seed flora in glebe.

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Brunch with Bevvy and Mum

Brunch w/ Three Generations

last weekend was such a delight… i spent sunday with my mum & bevvy.
it is always such a joy to spend time with family, i simply can’t get enough. i do live with my mum and adore her company daily, but there is something extra special about simply hanging out, over brunch, that makes me feel incredibly happy. i love my family.

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