West Juliette, Marrickville

West Juliette, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

heyhihello. how are you? – i’m excellent. i cannot believe it’s thursday already, where did this week go and how is it nearly friday?

i’ve been under the weather this week with a cough and runny nose, i’m slightly worried that my sickness will move down into my lungs because i’ve been quite congested… i’m crossing my fingers hoping that it shall clear before that happens. // it’s been another crazy week of uni again and i have a quiz today which i’m feeling really confident about… i was working through examples last night and i smashed those, i’m as ready as i’ll ever be. // after my quiz, i’ll be in the lab all afternoon (1-5pm) working on the migration of DNA which should be fun. such a busy thursday.

last weekend i decided to head to west juliette with my friend elli and the delightful bevvy. // i’ve been dying to go here since they opened and i’m so glad i made the trip because i throughly my brunch of soft scrambled eggs with cured salmon, sorrel, yogurt, fennel on toast with extra’s: avocado and halloumi.

i left with a itty bitty carrot cake, a flourless orange cake, their infamous pink salt chocolate chip cookie and a piccolo because i was craving sweets and i couldn’t resist - andandand just to clarity, no i didn’t eat three cakes by myself, i shared them with my friend and mum. – i wanted to order multiple items on the menu and i am dying to go back for more because i truly loved my dish and want to try all.the.things.

West Juliette, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

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A Wonderful Sunset

The Universitty of Sydney, Camperdown, Sydney, Australia

heyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! how is it friday – where did this week go? i feel like this week went by in a flash and i don’t know how it’s already over. i wanted to quickly drop in before the week was over and let you know what i’ve been up too.

firstly, i’ve managed to catch a cold that has my nose running like a tap and my throat has been dry… to be perfectly honest i don’t have time for a cold and i hope it goes away quickly. my throat feels soooo dry at times that it makes me dry heave and my eyes start to water – oh and the random sneezing is catching me off guard every.single.time. overall, i’m not feeling too bad.

secondly, it’s been another hectic week at university. i had a quiz which i felt relatively confident about which resulting in a 9/15 grade which is 60% and i’m okay with that considering i didn’t have high expectations regarding my result. i have been working through my lecture, tutorial and practical content which has kept me busy and i’m taking the night off o relax then i’m back into it tomorrow.

thirdly, i’m nearly two weeks into my invisalign journey and i’ve not had any dramas with my aligners. my teeth feel slightly tender and i’ve noticed that i’m not able to bite into harder foods without wincing because my teeth feel as though they’re ‘precious’. the aligners are not visible and despite feeling like i have a mouth guard in my mouth, others haven’t noticed them and when i’ve mentioned them to people they seems surprised to know i’m wearing aligners.

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Arjibear’s Birthday

Miss Arjibear's 25th B'day (Part II)

hi… happy monday – i’m quickly dropping in with a post about my friends birthday. i had a lazy weekend that involved me leaving the apartment once. i was all types of nerdy this weekend, and i studied then studied some more #nerd!

miss arjibear celebrated her 25th birthday in august this year…

we actually celebrated twice for the big grand 25th – once as a massive group of arjibear’s work colleges and another with renee, elli and myself. as we had such a big group (12 of us), we started the night with cocktails at water bar and settled for dinner at the woolloomooloo hotel, then ended our night at hemmesphere in the city… // fast forward two weeks and it was dinner with the four girls. we dined at fat noodle where we ate our body weight in noodles, followed by indulgence at gelato messina theeeeen we ended the night with champagne and cake at my apartment.

it was such a blast to celebrate the birth of miss arjibear again this year – i heart you!!!

Miss Arjibear's 25th B'dayMiss Arjibear's 25th B'day (Part II)

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Morso and the week that was

Brunch at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

hi… hello… howdy… hey… how are you? are you glad it’s friday? i sure am!!!

this week, oh this week… i finished an assignment and i sat for a quiz (plus the usual university stuff), all while dealing with awkwardly uncomfortable pieces of plastic moving my teeth and hurting my jaw. the first four days with my invisalign have been weird – especially when you remove them to eat, and then replace them after eating… that’s enough i’m going to stop complaining about then because when “the job” is done i’ll be sooo happy!!

Brunch at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

i am having trouble falling asleep each night and i really really don’t like it, mind you, once i fall asleep i am fine – i can sleep through anything but falling asleep hasn’t been easy recently. // i’ve developed a minor insomnia issue that i’m not happy to have and i’m working on and seeking a resolve. if you have any tips, please let me know.

a couple of weeks ago, i had brunch at cafe morso in the sunshine. i ordered their breakfast special of the day which was free range poached egg, halloumi, avocado, cherry tomato, spinach and grilled bread, with lemon. i am a huge lover of breakfast like this because i’m able to have a multitude of different flavours with each bite. // my friend ordered their orange pancakes with passionfruit curd and mascarpone, she loved them especially the crunchy edge on the pancakes.

i wish the sun would come back because currently spring has been cooler than winter – so very weird.

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Spring Rejuvenation & Realisation

First Day of Spring, Sydney, Australia

september… hello and welcome.
thank you for visiting and for bringing spring with you. i am soooooo incredibly excited to know that spring has arrived because i know summer is right around the corner – i cannot wait for the summer time.

i must admit, i never knew nor imagined how all consuming being a university student would be – i.literally.had.no.idea. i knew i would be busy but i never imagined it could be like this… my science degree has changed various elements of altered how i live my life which has lead to changes regarding how i post on my blog.

in all honesty, i don’t know what is next for the blog, i just know i’m not going anywhere… i’m approaching my blog like i’m approaching my life by taking one day at a time because that’s how i am with my life currently. // i do still aim to inspire you through my writing as i do consider myself an advocate for health and wellbeing.

a few quick updates:

  • i started my invisalign treatment yesterday (sept 1) and i must say, it’s rather awkward having plastic over your teeth 22 hours a day. so far it hasn’t been too painful as of yet, just a tiny bit of jaw pain – overall the aligners are weird to have in your mouth… oh and sadly, i think i’ll end up giving up coffee because i don’t fancy having to take my aligners out to drink a coffee, brush my teeth then reinserting my aligners.
  • week six at uni is when everything starts enter bat.shit.crazy.mood and i’m left gasping for breath… luckily, i’m staying ahead and rather than drowning i’m just above the water line and surviving.
  • everybody around me is sick… flu sick and coughing. i’m hoping that i don’t get sick because my lungs aren’t very strong and dealing with a cough is just the worst. do you have any fail safe remedies to prevent the spread of sickness??!
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Dinner at Love.Fish

love.fish in Rozelle, Sydney, Australia

hello… happy sunday! – i’m starting this post with a miniature rant: bare with me for a minute while i #anger#rant: university is a lot harder than people make it out to be.

university is seriously taking up soooo much of my time. i love studying, learning and discovering everything science but sometimes, after a huge week of classes, assessments and labs i have moments where i just want out. i have moments of feeling somewhat deflated and when this happens to me i gather my family and go out for dinner because it allows me to step out of my university bubble for a few hours.

last week i was feeling the university blues and we decided to have dinner at one of our favourite local places… love.fish in rozelle. // we are deeply in love with this restaurant because it has such a wonderful vibe, with exquisite and heavenly food. we sat outside by the heater and shared our entrees of salmon hash cakes and calamari. i ordered their fish pie for a main which is on rotation as a specials menu and shared their seasonal crumble for dessert – we all adored our dinner.

the fish pie WAS.MY.ABSOLUTE.FAVOURITE.DISH. i have eaten like.EVER!! – i throughly enjoyed this pie and i cannot even explain how incredibly amazing the first bite was: the seasonal roasted root vegetables and the massive chunks of fish made my heart and stomach smile.

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A ‘Drop-In’

Winter Stroll

aaaahhhhh, i’m busy – so hectic. all i can say is #science degree is time consuming … i’m not even joking. this past week i’ve been on campus most evenings past 6pm, and i’m tired (oh so tired)… add not sleeping well, living off caffeine and carbohydrates – it’s been a weird one, a tad wonky. totally unhealthy week in terms of my body but i’ve made sure i am not lacking in nutrients because i cannot afford to get sick this year.

i’m still in a state of shock regarding the fact that we are five weeks into the semester at uni and i cannot believe how much work it feels like i’ve completed in the short period of time. // #ENDuniRant.

best be off – i’m leaving you with a pretty picture of the river that’s close to my apartment. i’ve spent many a moments by this river, it always has the ability to calm me… i’m thinking calming thoughts to get me through this week.

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My Apatment: A Minor Update

My Home

hello and happy tuesday…
after living in sydney for 4+ years, i’m so thrilled and excited to say that i love walking into my apartment every afternoon after a long day at university or generally after being away.

i’ve had mixed emotions about my apartment throughout the years and i’m beyond excited to share with you that i love where i live – i couldn’t be happier with how my apartment has come together over the years. i am constantly filling my home with flowers, fresh herbs and colourful trinkets that we’ve been given or have found on our travels… i simply having an array of bright colors to contrast the stark white colour palette that i chose and adore because i understand how versatile white can be in a home environment.

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Churros… with Hayles

Churros w/ Hayles at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmonht, Sydney, Australia

hey… happy sunday!! – i’ve decided that i adore writing a post on sunday morning, alas it has begin.

the adorable hayley and i caught up for brunch a few weeks ago, we decided to dine at the sun soaked cafe morso on this particular sunday morning… after we had our respective meals for brunch – we made the smart decision to devour the “churros with chili chocolate” that cafe morso were offering as their dessert special for the day. // i always enjoy my friendship time with hayles, such wonderful chats and general happiness – heart you girl.

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Sunshine and Snacks

Sunshine and Snacks from Bar Zini, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

wed.nes.day… hump day – hello and welcome!

super quick one today as i have a bunch of life happening that’s consuming a majority of my time and i dropping in “oh so quickly” this morning. // university has amped up something fierce and i’m keeping afloat by knuckling down, staying ahead and sacrificing my moments of freedom (for a short while). // i haven’t been able to fall asleep easily over the last few months and it’s annoying me – mind you, once i’m out you couldn’t wake me if you tried. i am going to bed with my ipad to #nerditup and continue reading my textbooks which i’m very sure hasn’t helped me. // must run as i am back-to-back today, with a break for lunch with two uni friends squeezed in there – for sanity reasons!!

ohhhh – wait… these photos represent how i’m currently feeling… silly, smiley and sleepy. the coffee and muffin are from bar zini in pyrmont… thanks for the lid happiness tim, you always know how to brighten my mornings.

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Brunch at Cafe Morso, Pyrmont

Brunch at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

alright, yes, i will admit it… i am (once again) obsessed with cafe morso… i have been going through a binge fest over the past few months with morso and i have to say – love it. // all the staff are so incredibly friendly and the food is always on point.

i ordered their salmon tartlets, dill, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, asparagus with extra lemon and absolutely loved it, each element of this dish is perfect. especially the salmon and poached egg, the two mix together to allow for a wonderful mouth experience. // my friend ordered their sautéed wild mushrooms, truffled scrambled eggs, grilled sonoma bread. // we shared their pan fried haloumi, lemon, rocket – just because, haloumi.

on this particular day, the sun was shining and we took a stroll around piers 19-21 jones bay wharf to enjoy the weather. i will always find the time to enjoy the sunshine because you never know how long it will last, especially considering how the weather in winter is always sooooo unpredictable.

Brunch at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney, AustraliaBrunch at Cafe Morso, Jones Bay Wharf, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

Cafe Morso on Urbanspoon

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Virtual Coffee Date

Bar Zini, Pyrmont, Sydney, AustraliaBar Zini, Pyrmont, Sydney, Australia

heyyyy! – happy monday. how are you, and how was your weekend?

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that i had a slightly average weekend… i decided to sleep in quite late both days and strangely, i’m still tired this morning. // my main conclusion would be that the weather has me feeling blue and i’m pretty sure i’m fighting off an illness… i’m in a weird awkward mood after this weekend.

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that i spent most of the weekend in my pjs, except for when i went for a late brunch and juice in rozelle… i listened to 80′s music on spotify and i blasted ‘it’s raining men’ so many times that i have lost count… // winter has both pro’s and con’s – for example i love my jumper collection, the heater and warm bowls of soup, but i really don’t enjoy the rain, the wind or the inconvenience of constantly feeling cold.

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that i’ve been eating soooo much healthier and i feel as though my body is running more smoothly. i always feel lighter when i’m eating better and i’m 110% excited to continue eating healthier… i’d love to share some of my latest meals, if only i wasn’t throwing them into the bowl in a disordered fashion.

if we were having coffee this morning, i’d tell you that i am in a love/hate relationship with university at the moment… i’m four weeks into the semester, i’m loving the learning and also not loving it as certain elements of learning are wonderful but it takes up sooooo.much.of.my.time. i feel as though i’m suffocating at times, then moments later i’m feeling such joy because i’ve understood something i never previously knew… see – love/hate.

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